GARY SILVER 1 Videos Video Transcriptions What are the stages involved in getting trade partners to adhere to the nothing-hits-the-ground policy?  It always begins with onboarding. Understanding that you’re setting the expectation early. The requirement, for lack of a better word, is that you treat the job site with respect and that you treat your […]


PAMELA BEST 17 Videos Who is Pamela Best? 1:32 Why is it important that we embrace Lean principles? 1:24 Focus on the customer gives us a better focus, do you agree? 1:48 What advice do you have do you have for trade partners? 1:02 What is Lean construction? 1:23 Are you using the 5S system? […]


RITSUO SHINGO 22 Videos Ritsuo Shingo shares how SMED applies to construction 5:58 Ritsuo Shingo talks about Standardization 7:23 Ritsuo Shingo shares what happens when there are too many coaches. 5:09 Ritsuo Shingo says that continuous Improvement (CI) is easy to say 3:38 Ritsuo Shingo says, “I don’t like Toyota’s Suggestion System” 2:57 Ritsuo Shingo […]


MARK STRONG 6 Videos How long you’ve been with Turner and what is your experience with Lean? 4:52 Do you use 5s, and what is it? 5:28 What were some of your personal changes as you went from old school to new school thinking? 2:45 How specifically has the Last Planner® system helped you? 4:30 […]


JESSE HERNANDEZ 12 Videos Who is Jesse Hernandez? 3:14 What did your introduction to the Last PlannerⓇ system look like? 2:48 When did this Lean education start making sense to you? 3:32 What components of the Last PlannerⓇ system did you initially start using? 2:12 How much experience do you have with the Last PlannerⓇ […]


LAMONTE NELMS 16 Videos Who is Lamonte Nelms? 2:11 Why do you refer to them as trade partners? 1:56 How do you apply the 5S system to your projects? 2:44 What percent of trade partners understand the Last Planner® system? 3:10 How has the Last Planner® system helped you do a better job? 1:48 Tell […]