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Lean Construction Leaders

George and Perry explain the basics of Lean and share it’s application to construction. In this book, you have access to over 200 videos on the topic of Lean and Lean in construction. This book contains over 600 years of experience by 24 contributors.


Our project was finally completed in 2022!

We are still looking for sponsorship. As a sponsor you will receive a PDF copy of our book for your entire organization. Your logo and a link to your website will be displayed below. Becoming a sponsor also entitles you to a ten percent discount on all of our consulting services.

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This book was made possible through sponsorship. We would like to thank Parsons Electric for their support and overwhelming sponsorship over the past six years. Without their time and efforts, this book would not be in your hands today. We would also like to thank Boulder Associates, Lean Leadership Institute, Lean Training and Consulting, VIBCO Vibrators, and Atlantic Piping for their sponsorship.

Parsons Electric

We adopted the principles of Lean, the 5S system, A3 Problem solving, and finally, an approach to planning more reliably on our projects that has improved our outcome and bottom line. This simple four-step process gets our project teams prepared for our general contractor customers’ phase pull planning sessions, and aligns our teams with project milestones and helps them break down their work into weekly production goals to help meet the project’s milestones. Using these tools to improve our abilities to plan better and include a continuous improvement loop came out of all this effort. This approach has been branded as our Pᶣ Planning System.

Joel Moryn, CEO of Parsons Electric

Boulder Associates

Romano Nickerson is a principal at Boulder Associates and is the leader of BA/Science, a Lean design and construction coaching group with nationally recognized leaders in Lean in the design phase. He and his team provide Lean consulting services and have coached teams for Fortune 500 companies with a total project value of more than $14 billion. They love pulling tools out of the Lean toolbox and are experts in Last Planner System, Target Value Delivery, Choosing By Advantages, A3 Thinking, Integrated Project Finance, Big Room, Takt Production Planning, and Industrial Engineering for Construction Field Operations.

Romano Nickerson, AIA | Principal
M 916.548.8184
1426 Pearl St Ste 300
Boulder, CO 80302


Dr. Tom Lawless is the President of Lean Training and Consulting and is a proven leader, Lean Six Sigma enthusiast, and speaker, specializing in leadership, maintenance effectiveness, and lean change management in construction and industrial applications. He is a trusted advisor to professionals, from C-level executives to mid-level managers and hourly associates. Tom focuses on accountability through metrics, which allows the ability to focus closely on financial analysis and evaluation of product costing, value stream mapping, and continuous improvement.

Dr. Tom Lawless, LSSMBB
Lean Training and Consulting
M 847-502-6380

Global Leadership Institute

Chad Bisko is the CEO of the Global Leadership Institute, as well as an accomplished business leader, strategist, thought leader, coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. With a long record of successful business transformations, Chad has established himself as a powerful behaviors-based change leader. Melding process and system improvement with personal development, he has aided individuals, teams, and entire organizations to realize their untapped potential and develop strategies for ongoing, long-term improvement and growth. Chad's work and education have provided him with a vast professional network that he constantly seeks to grow and work with. The intersection of proven and new ideas and the transcendence of leadership principles beyond discrete theories or methodology are the fuel for much of his past success and lay at the core of his passion for the future.

The Global Leadership Institute strives to turn good people into great leaders who know how to inspire, innovate, and contribute to your company's success. The company draws upon proven thought leaders, delivering their ideas through certified coaches to ready you for real-world application of business theory and leadership mindset. The Institute aims to develop leaders of all levels and experience and prepare them to meet the challenges of the future by providing the leadership training and professional development you need, when and where you need it. A wide range of programs offer you the ability to apply new theory within your current responsibilities and develop a new perspective toward your company, your career, and your goals while bringing immediate value to all.

Chad G. Bisko|CEO
Global Leadership Institute
Mobile: 204.451.0464

Vibco Vibrators

Karl Wadensten’s signature phrase, “Fix what bugs you,” resonates around the globe. VIBCO has hosted GEMBA walks for profits, non-profits, private companies, and public companies for the last seven years, hosting over 9,000 companies. You need to GO SEE with critical thinking to change your outcomes. Contact VIBCO for a plant visit.
Karl Wadensten and his team have been on a Lean Six Sigma journey since 1999. VIBCO has training in “SMED” set-up reduction, single piece flow, Kaizen, mixed model manufacturing, A-3 thinking, takt time, and pull manufacturing. All thinking goes into building over 1800 different types of vibration products for the construction industry in twenty-four to forty-eight hours, to over 360,000 customers globally.
Karl and his team know the challenges of the construction industry, the importance of on-time delivery, and doing more with less. VIBCO was involved in the Shanksville Flight 93 Memorial, as well as other projects worldwide, like the Three Gorges Dam in China. VIBCO was instrumental in the construction of the Freedom Tower, making sure it was completed on-time. Again, contact VIBCO for a plant visit.

Karl Wadensten, CEO
M 401.864.5113
75 Stilson Road
Wyoming, RI 02898

Atlantic Piping

Pamela Best (Pam) is President and CEO at Atlantic Piping, Inc. (API). API is a specialty welding company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. API specializes in advanced welding techniques and exotic alloys, providing innovative solutions in the industry.
Prior to joining API, Pam spent over 30 years with two industry leading firms. Roles included Director of Preconstruction Services and Senior Project Manager at MMC Contractors of Kansas City and Chief MEPF System Specialist with Linbeck Group, LLC in Houston, Texas. Her earlier years were spent with The Emde Company and CRSS, where she gained her passion for preconstruction.
Pam has been a pioneer for the advancement of preconstruction services. Her knowledge and experience in all phases of preconstruction and construction has contributed to successful collaborations with design and production architects, engineers, specialty consultants, owners, and general contractors. Pam typically enters projects at the early concept stage, allowing her to utilize co-location, lean tools, and a personal favorite – integrating Takt Time scheduling. Pam is also a strong proponent for and utilizes Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD).

Pamela J Best, LEED AP
Mobile: 713.431.2188
Atlantic Piping, Inc.
1401 Battery Brooke Parkway 4306 Yoakum Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23237 Houston, TX 77006 

Free Downloads provided by George Trachilis

To download all sorts of free materials, from artwork for hardhat stickers to books, posters, and more, we have created a website called Captain Lean is a comic book hero trying to eliminate the villain Mudaman. Although just an idea at this point, we decided to include some of the artwork that will be used in the graphic novel in this book. Download materials from our safe website. Also, if you have great materials to share with the world, allow us to share with others using the same website.

For other online courses and learning in Lean, go to

Enjoy this book, and if you are already well-versed on Lean in the construction industry, start with Chapter 5 – The P4 Planning System.

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Ritsuo Shingo

Ritsuo Shingo is currently president of Institute of Management Improvement and senior advisor to the Lean Leadership Institute. Ritsuo is former president of Sichuan Toyota, China (a Start-Up), the first joint venture Toyota established in China to produce the Toyota Coaster, a mini bus. Ritsuo had a very unique career at Toyota as he was responsible for start-up projects. He was also involved in NUMMI (California, Kentucky, and United Kingdom) and GAC-Hino (China).

George Trachilis

George Trachilis George Trachilis is a 2016 Shingo Research Award winner for the book Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels. The book became the foundational knowledge that spawned the company called the Lean Leadership Institute (LLI). Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker and George Trachilis co-founded LLI for the purpose of spreading this knowledge on a global scale.

Perry Thompson

Perry has been with Parsons for over 20 years serving in various leadership positions. He has been leading their corporate lean transformation as Lean Executive Director for the past six years. He developed a yellow and green belt program for the office and field leaders and has successfully coached hundreds of yellow and green belts at Parsons. Perry is a certified Black Belt Lean Leader through Jeff Liker’s Lean Leadership Institute (LLI). He is also a certified lean trainer for the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) in the Effective Big Room, Lean Project Delivery, and the Last Planner System®.

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